Saturday, November 13, 2004

Changes in Singapore: Computer Times is now Digital Life

A few months out of Singapore and it seems that changes are slowly but surely creeping me by. I'm almost certain that something shocking in news value will great me at Changi Airport when I get back, or in the next few days after. Something big, and many things trivial.

I can almost imagine my brother saying to me 'Oh, nothing much happened while you were away... There's a few more Starbucks, Old Chang Kee pulled out of Singapore, that's about all. Oh, and by the way, Nathan died and Gurmit Singh became President.' Horrors. Imagine that.... Old Chang Kee pulled out of Singapore? That will be the day, I tell you... Absolutely mindless.

I still remember a period of time of blind-going-to-school-and-do-nothing-else, only to find that the local shopping mall has undergone such drastic changes when I went there the day after all the semester exams. New jewellery shops shifted in, Pizza Hut renovated, BreadTalk came in, a few fashion shops started[but they always come and go, so this is trivial], M1 Shop came in... Now who EVER notice changes in the local Mall?? Changes in local Malls are supposed to be so transient and so gradual that you won't even notice them if they move the whole mall 2 blocks down the road. Sorta tells how I've been not having a life (to even visit the local mall once in the whole semester) while in NUS.

Changes always seem to pounce on me from all corners, at all angles. They are so well-concealed and camouflaged that they should be given Commando status. In fact, changes are so constant taht I've gotten used to them already, but will (as a customary protocol) always give the 'What just happened??' face, so as not to disappoint anyone who may think change to be a really cool stuff.

Perhaps this is the period (my period) of time when time seems to shift to gear 5 and everything passes you (me) by so quickly that you can't say 'whytheheckwasthatgarbagebagflyingdowntheroadatthespeedoflightminus15kmperhourfor?' and 'someoneshouldcallthepolicetogiveitaspeedingticket!'. There is a greater preoccupation with studies and work and whatever time-wasting-stuff-that-adults-do that you (yes, me) don't seem to be noticing the small stuff in Life anymore. No more playing badminton at the carpark downstairs every night (that's me @ pri3/4!), no more watching Chinese MTVs at 2am on Fri/Sat nights (that's me @ sec1/2/3), no more hanging out at the kopi-shop with your kakis (ok, this is not me), no more going down to Orchard road with your hair super-geled and donning orchid print shirts blowing wolf-whistles at RGS girsl(not me also, I swear) and whatnots. Is this for the good or worse? I am not sure. Life doesn't get simple, and pre-heats for the rat race in Singapore is about to start soon. It seems so inevitable, yet so preventable.

Everyone should do something about this before nothing else mundane happens to everyone.

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