Sunday, November 07, 2004

A pleasant weekend. =)

Was supposed to go Steveston Park (south of Richmond) after the excellent dim sum @ the szechuan restaurant @ Granville, but ended up walking down Granville window shopping instead.

The drizzle followed us all the way after we left Granville till we arrived at Cafe Aritigiano in downtown, where we had premium latte and companionship, before deciding on yet another meaningless traversal, one round along the skytrain loop.

Met yanying (she's going Metrotown) on the bus towards skytrain, but separated later as we were going in different directions. But halfway through the traversal for scenic sights along the skytrain, randomly decided to go MetroTown also and left off the meaningless traversal.

I have no good taste when it comes to clothes, but was thankfully accompanied by one who has much better taste than me. The MetroTown trip then evolved into a 'Shop For Frankie Frenzy', in search of the perfect jeans for me ( nice...). GAP, Levis, Old Navy was parsed through without much success, ending off on Robson's GAP, where it was finally found and approved by the stringent QC personnel.

Watched 'Bruce Almighty' at night, after a dinner of wanton noodles.

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