Saturday, November 06, 2004

Poppy flowers everywhere

Saw people wearing poppy flowers around, and we thought that there's some anti-drug campaign going on, although the idea of wearing poppy flowers seems contrasting to the very idea of banning drugs. Imagine people protesting against on the streets against drugs, yet smelling the poppy flower in their shirt pocket? The irony...

Found out that it's for Remembrance Day this coming Thurs (holiday to cao mug! Yay. =|) and it's some sort of day to remember those that had died in some war (WWII? I can't remember... =P)

Do you want anyone to remember you when you die? I have no particular preference for that. As long as God remembers me and how Jesus has died that my worthless life can be considered worthy in the Lord's eyes, I am satisfied. I have no great ambition to become any more famous than I am now (I am not.) but just to live a simple life with the one that I love, without worries of survival in this modern rat-racing society (if can open a provision shop in the end, then best).

Peace and stability are my current living goals, and towards them I have grown to be quite aggressive (even blindingly). Perhaps I have seen through turmoil and instability, and that's what's driving me towards these goals that others take for granted (and start reaching for other things in Life). I don't take them for granted, for I know that they aren't. At least to me, they aren't. Call me insecure or whatever jargons you want, but that's me.

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