Friday, November 05, 2004

Weekend Vacation to Tofino cancelled.

It was to be either a long weekend in Tofino (beach, hiking trails++) encumbered with thoughts of back-logging homework, or a short weekend elsewhere (leaving some time to do work).

Don't feel like rushing around, so giving Tofino a miss for now.

Maybe will whack Tofino/Victoria together during study break, see how.

Just found out next weekend is bad for travelling. Rememberance Day is burnt by the Psych Midterm 2 the following day, whilst the following Monday's Algo Midterm 2 killed the weekend. Though the bigger picture is to enjoy the stay here, I still don't think it's wise to be on extended-away for the weekend, so Lytton and Kamloops will have to wait slightly longer... Maybe the waiting and eager anticipation will make the trip better, or not. Hmm.

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