Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Annual Report (06/04 – 06/05)

2004/2005 has been an interesting year for Frank. He spent one semester in University of British Columbia under a Student Exchange Program, and the other semester in Singapore during a curriculum of 5 modules, 2 of which are under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory criterion. In short, he has been having it easy academically, but he has put his hours to effective use outside academia.

During his stint in UBC, Frank has traveled to quite a few places, including the Canadian Rockies, Calgary, various cities around the Vancouver (Kamloops, Lytton, Victoria in Vancouver Islands), Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco. He has also undergone a short relationship.

After coming back to Singapore, Frank has taken on the government’s advice to adopt a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and vigorously. Frank also took up a rose-selling project for V-day and prospered that slightly. He started driving lessons soon after V-day, and is still taking lessons now. He has also passed a kayaking proficiency course, and is now with the intention of pursuing it slightly further. Shortly after end of semester exams, Frank went to Taiwan and China for holidays. But all good things must come to and end, and the Honours Year Project is hot on his tails now....

Financial Matters
Frank is in serious debts. His extensive travellings has taken a toll on his bank account. His recent lifestyle and purchases have shown positive effects in diminishing his bank account. His driving lessons (which are stll ongoing), and his stay in PGP next semester will prove to be significant factors for debt increase. His newfound interest in wakeboarding may also prove to be a significant.

There is no declared earnings for V-day sales, as net earning is 0.

Past major expenses
Vancouver SEP 10,000
Taiwan 1,000
China (Yunnan) 1,650
Driving lessons 750
Harddisk 224
Protein 150
Wakeboarding 90
Jogging shoes 85

Lee Foundation Scholarship 10,000
SEP Loan 3,000
NUS Undergraduate Scholarship + allowance 1,600

Current bank balance = 500 (DBS) + 1000 (UOB)

Future liabilities
PGP rent 1,000
Driving lessons 750


Semester 1
UBC modules was based on a pass/fail system, and not much time was spent studying (except for last hour cramming)
All passed

Semester 2
There was significantly less concentration and emphasis on studies this time round, and CAP took a nose dive. This was because of time spent on V-day sales, accumulated time spent on exercising, and time spent thinking/moping on a past relationship (quite a significant part of it with other mopers over Friday suppers, and mostly during study times – most distracting.) Another reason may be the declining interest in staying on in the Computing field.
Semester CAP was an all time low of 3.83333333333
Brought CAP down to 4.5

Future projections
Now that my CAP is down to a dangerous 4.5 (borderline for 1st class), I have to score A-s for all my remaining modules. Other than FYP I have 3 other modules to clear, which might mean (Sem 1: 2 modules + FYP ; Sem 2: 1 module + FYP). Although the workload is light, it is no guarantee of success. But staying in PGP and having my own work desk in CIRL may prove good.

My FYP is on implementation of TwinGlass, a system for IPv4 and Ipv6 translations in routers, in the FreeBSD platform.

Quite some changes in healthy lifestyle. At the start of work year 2004/2005, I started on an active exercise program, mainly in terms of circuit-trainings and joggings. This was disrupted shortly after, when I left for Vancouver (the weather was too freaking bad for jogs and outdoor activities), but resumed when I came back to Singapore.

Currently, I do circuit-training almost everyday, with each session being 2 rounds of (25 pull ups, 50 sit ups, 50 lateral sit ups on left obliques, 50 lateral situps on right obliques, 3 min leg stretch on either leg, 70 modified push ups). On alternate days, I couple this with a 4km jog around CCK neighborhood. To sustain muscle repair/growth, I do take protein supplements in moderate amount after exercise.

I've also started kayaking as a hobby, and am looking for an opportunity to do my 2-star course (I need a partner to go with me!); I've started martial arts in NUS (Ivan's looking at Capoeira, which may also be a possibility); I've also started wakeboarding of late. Wakeboarding's freaking expensive, and it may well be a short term fling. Swimming/jacuzzi/suntanning/sauna is done occasionally, when Melvin's around for me to use his condominium facilities.

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