Saturday, June 04, 2005

I spent

the whole of this morning in Scout HQ pinning down the locations of the currently existing Singapore scout groups onto a defunct map dated 1997, in the conference room. Edmond might be going back to the Scouting Movement as an Area Commissioner (again), and he's 'dividing territory' to perhaps carve out an area of control.

Armed with green and red coloured pins, highlighters, stickers, and a street directory, we embarked on a seemingly primitive workflow - one person write and cut sticker, one person say out the school to locate, and one person locate the school. 6 hours! This bloody operation took us that much time.

During this period of time, we were interrupted by a few old-time scouts (I learned later that they were the chief comminssioner, the area commissioners, and the Executive Director), and I was slightly irritated by their haughty airs - they demanded us out of the conference room that they can discuss about the world Jamboree. I'm no longer in the system, and I can't be bothered with who they are in the system - so long as they interrupt my service to Edmond, I stand pissed.

Had quite a smashing time playing badminton with Eu, Zqueen, JY, and YY in the afternoon, before proceeding to JY's house for dinner and bridge/big2. Felt quite bad that I smashed a shuttlecock right into JY's right eye, making her eye all red and teary...

Was so tired when I got home, that I fell asleep at the workout station in the park during my routine circuit.

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