Monday, June 13, 2005

What have I been up to these days?

Exactly, what have I done these past few days? Let's do a recall, just to keep a record, shall we?

Mornings are either devoted to driving lessons or pathetic attempts to wake up early.

8th -
Driving in the morning, backing up my harddisk.
Swimming and jacuzzi and sauna @ Melvin's place in the early afternoon.
Met up with Chee wee and Joey who passed me the Billabong boardshorts and tee.
Went to watch The Return (Advice: Don't watch! It's a waste of money) with Eu and Queen and yy, and walked about the esplanade.
Exercise at night.

9th -
Morning was driving, followed by swimming and bowling at Melvin's place in the afternoon(5 dollars/hour/lane! Cheap cheap!)
Night time was spent playing cards with ZX and Lynn and Wendy (whose B-day fell on the 13th) @ Cuppage Center's 24-hr Kopitiam.

1oth -
Driving in the morning again. Followed by the cursed day in school (F2$%@%!%!%). Zikai flew back from London (for good! yay!) and we had a jovial time playing bridge @ his place @ Fulton. We gatecrashed a BBQ over @ lynn's sister's place later, and the food's not shabby at all.
Took a walk along (instead of jog) the usual route at night, cos the BBQ within threatened a vomit otherwise.

11th -
Reading Screwtape Letters in NUS SoC, while watching the softballers and soccer players in the field.
Played 2 hours of table tennis with yy (she's good, I tell you) till evening time.
Sent Bobby off (Japan) and navigated my brother around, fetching my sister from a wedding dinner @ Raffle Marina, and dumping the long overdued 2 bags of clothes @ Salvation Army.

12th -
Went driven around Singapore after church @ Bkt. Panjang to Yishun (Evangel Family Church),with mom and bro and sis (picked her up from Evangel), before settling down for lunch @ a nice char siew and roast duck stall along upper Thomson road (near Han's). There was a sudden craze for good food and we drove further down for prata, across Thomson Plaza (the now defunct Thomson Yaohan)
Jogging and exercise at night was tiring, but I think I'm catching up to speed.

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