Friday, June 10, 2005

Grrr @ SoC Helpdesk

There is something intrinsically wrong with the system (or the staff) - it's not flexible.

What happens when one goes up to the helpdesk and asks for help - he needs the CDs for reinstallation of XP and Office on his harddisk (which crashed a few days ago)?

He is given a website address to submit requests for CDs WHICH ARE AVAILABLE AT THE HELPDESK. Can he access the website from the access terminals AT THE HELPDESK? No, not allowed - helpdesk comp terminals are imbued with holy power and not meant for mere mortals that walk the earth. He has to go find some other terminals. Fine.

What happens when one does all of the above and comes back to the helpdesk to collect his requested CDs?

He is asked if he has received the auto-replies to his email account on the availability of the CDs. Has he checked his email yet? No? Then he should. Can the helpddesk check it up? Probably, but helpdesk's not checking. Nope. Go find your own terminal and check your email, you sorry ass...

What happens when one finally gets the confirmations from the comp system, and goes back to inform helpdesk on it? The helpdesk takes your matric number, CHECKS IT UP WITH THE SYSTEM, AND FINDS WHAT YOU HAVE REQUESTED.

Helpdesk my ass. And that's not all the crap they give. There's more.

What happens when one finds that the WinXP CD he borrowed contains only the debugging version? He has to resubmit requests, wait for auto-reply, then come back to the Helpdesk - the usual formalities.

What happens when one submits the request, and waits patiently for 1 hour for the auto-reply to come? It doesn't come.

What happens when he approaches the helpdesk in desperation? He is told the auto-reply system runs at 230pm(around that) and 7pm - they are generated only during these periods of time, perhaps also at other weird times like 2359h. Would this information have helped him when he approached the helpdesk at 3pm? Yes it would. Does the helpdesk open till 7pm? No, it closes at 5pm+-. He'll have to come back tomorrow.

Can the helpdesk lend him the CD WHICH IS LYING IN THEIR LIBRARY SOMEWHERE AT THE BACK, there and then, and get it back in 1hr, when installation is finished? No, they need to do paperwork first. Can Frank do paperwork before permission arrives? Nope.

Did Frank waste the whole afternoon travelling down from home to NUS? You bet.

Damn the helpdesk and everyone involved in making Frank waste his time.

And damn bureaucracy and birds that deliberately shit on people's head.

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