Sunday, June 19, 2005

Slightly drunk

is what I was, on Friday night at NTU's bash @ ChinaBlack.

I don't think I've ever drunk this much before (Drinking is a very rare occurance for me) - 3 Vodka limes, 1 tequila shot, and 1 beer. This may not seem much to you, but it sure did make me feel a slight motion when I'm standing still, and it might well be then that I understand how a straight line can be bent by gravity in the time-space fabric, when I move.

To date, I don't think there's any meaning in clubbing by itself, so you've really got to create your own fun if you want to make it worth coming - otherwise, why come? Because you're begged by a good friend to buy bash tix from him doesn't justify as a good enough reason to be in a club - standing in a corner of the dance floor interacting among your close friends and drinking and doing nothing does not make your dollar stretch any further. If I'm interested in chilling with my friends (with drinks), I'd rather do it in a pub - it's less of a hazard to your ears, and infinitely more classy.

Went for Ghost Train with joey and chee wee after that. Don't watch the show. At the end of the show, I wasn't sure if I didn't understand the show because I was drunk, or there simply wasn't any plot to the show. After reconnaissance with chee wee(my first hypothesis may apply to him too) and joey(who didn't go to ChinaBlack), I was convinced that it is a thoroughly lousy show, not even worth a monday afternoon's ticket price, or even its VCD price, in fact. Horrible waste of $9.50.

Was very late for badminton (woke up late) with Eu, Zqueen, and yy the next morning, and felt myself direly lacking in endurance - I think it's the alcohol the night before, but it may be a placebo effect.

Eu had an accident in the morning, surprise surprise... but I guess even birds may crash into each other in the sky sometimes.

We (Jacq, Kelly, Jessie, Zhigen, and Jacq's frens) boycotted Marche (Suntec) that night as there wasn't enough space to sit us all, and went to Swensen's instead. Fully utilised my birthday vouchers from NTUC Income. Mango cake (not durian, chee wee!) was nice. Thanks to Jacq for the treat. =)

And oh yes, I think we should all avoid Suntec Sky Garden, if we are not going there with our bf/gf, because you'll feel so out of place among all the couples smooching and making out silently in the cover of darkness. And it's definitely not a good place to talk about BGRs and marriage stuff there. =|

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