Saturday, June 25, 2005

Chee wee's

birthday yesterday was spent @ chinatown kbox singing oldies (generally what we used to hear over the radio waves during our childhood days - we're not that young anymore. :|) till 3am in the morning followed by a few games of big 2 at Joey's house before everyone collapses into different states of concussion from lack of sleep.

How this evolved from a taun session @ Sentosa and/or an overnight @ Hotel 81, I do not know. Let's just say that the bunch of us are quite 'dynamic' in decision-making, less Joey, who proclaims proudly 'I am a conformist.'

Went for a beverage survey session @ Tanjong Pagar in the early afternoon after eating a very pleasant Wanton mee @ Maxwell Food Center. It's not a well-paid survey (only $15), but heck, I didn't exactly give useful information anyway- I impaired my tastebuds over the scalding wanton soup, and was simply randoming my answers to the survey questions.

It was coffee. Nuts I know about coffee, but let's smoke 'em.

'Not very. But I like the slight acidity underneath the bitter surface. Gives it a resilent character...'
'So... is that an Excellent. Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, Very Poor, or Bad?'
'Poor, then.'
'Erm, poor meaning 'too bitter for your taste?''
'No, it's not bitter to boot, and I like it that way... '
'This question is in reference to how you LIKE the bitterness of the coffee, not the bitterness of the coffee. So do you like the bitterness of the coffee?'
'Ah. Then I'll put it as good.'
'Good? Good.'
She circles a number in her survey form and continues...

Surveys always have questions phrased in different words, but quite asking the same question - perhaps to find if the surveyee is of sane mind and/or is not paying attention. I think I wasn't terribly consistent in answering the questions, and might have given differing opinions, cos my bad memory does not allow me to remember my past random opinions given. =P. Heck, anyway.

It's only 15 dollars.

I'm not very responsible, am I?

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