Friday, June 03, 2005


If you want to get into my good books (though I have absolutely why you would want to do so), you'd best do well by buying me a new optical mouse for my coming birthday. Not any optical mouse, mind you - it has a highly specific nature -
weight: lightweight required, but must have a slight momentum for effective short darting motions
size: medium sized - not too small that I have to contort my hand to hold it (unless you're trying to gimme Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome), nor too big that I cannot grasp it with my hand.
The clickety-clickety buttons: must be easily depressable, and with good rebounding springs, for more clicks per seconds.

Why a mouse?

Because my trusty mouse is getting old and is slightly deaf to my clicks. It's causing me seconds for my minesweeper, and I can't even touch my previous high scores now, dammit..

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