Thursday, June 30, 2005

Rock climbing @ Climb Adventure

is quite quite fun but very very straining on your fingers. 11 dollars for entrance and equipment is within the affordable range for such fun, though I would still rate it much much below wakeboarding (pay 1 cent, get 1 cent goods mah...)

I tot my fingers were strong, but I was wrong... Need more training.

Garry had taken a fall when I got there, and Gwen also kena rope burn - and that's a bad bad thing. Guess they won't be going there this sat liao... (SEP gang, we ARE going, rite?)


Went down to Amoy Street Food Center after that for a staggered lunchbreak of epic length, eating wanton mee (the queuing time formed the boring half of the epic), ching teng, and or-ni. Didn't have any past encounter with or-ni before, but tot the one I tried was rather rather nice, though I will probably never try it again after Elisa told me that a lot of very unhealthy stuff goes into it. It's worse than condensed chendol, yah?

Walked around like 2 confused monkeys searching for a banana tree in a coconut plantation later, though we were really looking for the ('legendary') posh Restaurant At The End Of The... Amoy Street which sells or-ni. We found it in the end, and the fact that it was closed then was, well, err..... hmm. At least now I know where to get or-ni should an insatiable urge for it arise.

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