Friday, June 03, 2005

I am so out of shape.

Apparently the overseas trips have not done me any physical good, it seems, for I'm having trouble getting back into my routine exercises... I'm aching more than usual now.

These few days have been quite busy with exercise (bouts of swimming, jogging, circuits, and one session of wakeboarding!), and meeting up with friends.

Am continuing with my driving lessons now, with test date scheduled in Aug. But it's not really a good sign to have so many stalls the first day I resume my driving lessons... My driving instructor was quite frustrated with me, and started into bouts of nagging, so much I too became frustrated and told him to shut up (bad move). Now he's mostly sulking in his corner and being quite see-lah-I-shut-up-see-how-you-fumble. I did apologize to him and told him incessant nagging when I'm in bouts of panic (cross-junction, stuck in turning box, green lights, carssss behind, car stalled. What's worse?) does not help at all, but he's not taking it well. Sigh. He's harder to cajole than a girl.

Oh, and wakeboarding was fun! Should have joined Garry earlier in his wakeboarding sessions. But it's still quite expensive to be a periodic affair.

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