Tuesday, August 17, 2004

BC update

Bank account done. Made phone call back to Singapore liao. Barang barang for apartment almost complete liao, now just lack a dining table and chairs to accompany it. Cooked black pepper chicken and selected high grade vegetables for dinner. And Eu is beside me now. He’s a very ugly chap and his arm is super heavy on my shoulder. I suspect he is gay. Hmm. He keeps touching me. WTF mate? If I get pimple on my neck, I know who to find. Ok he’s gone now.

After several minutes of peace and no blogging (unfortunately), Eu is back to my side. But he’s no longer interested in kachiaoing me. Or is he? Now his hand is on my shoulder again. WTF mate??? He just touched my chin again. WTF? Ok he’s going to sleep now. He’s an idiot. He bashed my head and went to sleep liao. Good good good. Sugooi des.

As I was saying….

Yah, we had a nice dinner on the kitchen floor (read first line of blog), and the sight will go down well as an imposter of Bangladeshi workers in some squatter settlement in Singapore. But that’s inconsequential. What is most important is that none of us suffered from chronic back pain because of that…. yet.

What’s for tomorrow, hmmm? Not a single clue. Dunno what they guys want, but I would want to just take a bus around the neighbourhood (any neighbourhood) to take in the sights and sound of the Canadians’ day to day living. Like taking buses around aimlessly like that and getting myself lost (but not too lost), knowing that at the end, I will get myself found. Lost and found constitutes to be what I would deem to be a nice adventure. Yup yup. Contentment in that.

Anyway, dun think that’s possible because there will be things to be done no matter how free you think you will be. Murphy’s Law, so can’t argue with that.

Words of wisdom: If you are feeling cold and insomniac, don’t drink tea. It only makes it worse. To cure insomnia, read:
Chew, Ernest C.T."The Foundation of a British Settlement", in Chew, Ernest C.T. and
Edwin Lee, eds. A History of Singapore. Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1991.

It’s quite effective, and I hear the latest edition may come with a money back guarantee for this miraculous property.

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