Monday, August 16, 2004

First visit to UBC

Went jogging early in the morning. Nabuay, you can never sweat in this super low humidity place. Ran around the compound a bit to familiarize myself, and found that there is a landmark-ish tall building just behind our apartment. Also found quite a few eating spots around our place, as well as a 7-eleven.

Late morning spent $2 for a bus trip to UBC. It was a direct bus from a bus stop near our place, but that proved a fatal mistake cos it went through the downtown area and kena stuck there for ten years or so, give or take one second. Oh yah, also was stopped by a super slow cargo train (that might probably be running on one block of coal) in a junction for a loooong time. Never to take the bus again. At least not when rushing for time. On the way to the bus stop, found JJ Beans and a Jap food place that Eu say want to go there to try out the food.

Got our student card and U-Pass (Unlimited bus rides! YAy!!!) at UBC. Also looked at the book prices that would make most people sweat a bit. Need to buy second hand or go photostate. LOGIC costs CAD$54 and COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY costs CAD$101. And those are prices for used books. Absolutely balls-dropping.

Garry lost his wallet but found it later. Careless careless careless. Had late lunch at Subway. Eu ordered a footlong meatballs but only finished half. The other half is now in the apartment fridge preparing itself to be breakfast tomorrow.

Went off-campus to try do bank draft and look at secondhand books in a secondhand bookstore. Did not manage to get our bank draft done, cos didn’t know which bank is the most value-for-money. Went back to school and spent some time browsing internet and finally decided on Bank of Montreal. We go tomorrow to settle.

Saw the landlord when we got back to our apartment. Were promised internet connection and a kitchen table. Yay. Now no need to sit on kitchen floor for steamboat.

Intended to go Chinatown to buy foodstuff for the house but went there too late and most shops were closed. In the end had dinner at Han’s and went back home. 3 of us ate one plate of fried rice and one sweet and sour pork. This time was cheaper at 4 dollars per person compared to the last time when we ordered the 3 mountains of rice/noodle dishes and tofu, and was quite fulfilling as a dinner.

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