Sunday, August 15, 2004

Vancouver ChinaTown

Walked the whole day at Chinatown (morning and early afternoon) and downtown (after that). Had the biggest portion of chee cheong fun at chinatown for breakfast. At first I thought it’s just this café that was overdoing on the portion, but dinner turned out to be worse, tell you later.

Afternoon checked out downtown. Was lucky to see a festive procession (I DON’T THINK they do this everyday…) where they had pple in kilts and playing bagpipes marching up and down the street. Garry also went to internet café to settle internet stuff.

We had dinner at this Han’s Chinese Restaurant that had won several awards (and was proudly displaying them on the window), and ordered a rice/noodle dish each, and one shared fried tofu. When my fried rice came, almost kena stroke. It was a super super super gigantic mountain of rice that would even make my big brother shocked. For a rough estimation, its portion was easily more than 2.5 times the nasi goreng that is selling at Sunshine Place in CCK, and I’m talking about the tar pau portion. Those who have tried the nasi goreng will agree that the fried rice I am facing can actually kill. If the Japanese had enough rice to go around with during WWII, they might force-feed 1 portion to a prisoner as a torture. Worse than any of the Manchu 100 tortures. In the end we tarpau-ed our leftovers for next day’s breakfast. But it was good food, I must agree.

Concussed at night very early.

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