Thursday, August 05, 2004

Malaysia Outing

Lucky I woke up late at 11am for outing to Malaysia. Zikai forgot his passport and went back to get it, so I had extra time to dilly-dally and jalan jalan Lot 1 (not that there's anything nice there to see...) Must admit that I am bad at communication and reconnaisance, cos I had been walking around Lot 1 waiting for Zk to call to tell me how much $$ to change, when I received a call that everyone's already at kranji MRT. Lucky Kranji only 2 stops away...

I am not JB kid, so stop calling me that.

Went near Taman Sentosa for late lunch of paper-wrapped chicken. Was disappointed cos tot it was the cut-into-many-sections-and-deep-fried type, but it turned out to be the use-aluminium-foil-to-wrap-herbs-and-chicken type. But it was nice anyway, esp after mentally converting the bill in RM to SGD. That always makes me happy.

Walked around The Store and Ocean a bit and bought a toiletry bag and money pouch for UBC use. Must not come to this area and expect to spend more than 1 hour here, cos really nothing much to see and do. Go Plaza Pelangi better. Can try the stone grill, eat Dim Sum, and chill out at Cheesecake Recipe.

Went to Holiday Plaza due to the boredom at Taman Sentosa, and the rest is shopping for movies. Next time must reserve at least 3 hours for the place, and/or plan out what VCDs to buy first.

ZX lost his wallet at Taman Sri Terbau, where we had a RM$142.5 sumptuous seafood dinner. It actually seems that we are a careless bunch when it comes to losing wallet, cos ZK,ZX(include this time), and I actually lost our wallets 2 times each. Not a statistic that we could boast about, but it seems that losing your wallet is not a too uncommon thing. It may actually even be an unavoidable life lesson, that we may take better care not to lose our wallets the 4th time when we've lose it the 3rd time.

Reporting the wallet loss at the mata station near the customs turn out to be one of the more amusing event of the trip. The police clerk at the desk was apparently so NOT familiar with the use of (computer/english) that she asked ZX to take over the comp and fill in the details of the loss incidence... That made me wonder if there were any liquid-paper marks on the comp screen, but that's just me being racist/nationalist =p...

Waiting for deliverance. Of the VCDs.

PS: I think I am going to die from my mouth ulcer. There should be a term under all insurances that insures for death from mouth ulcer. There should also be a clause that claims non-cover for eating fried/spicy stuff when having ulcer.

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