Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Makan out at China Town

Charity Squad Outing, with Kiam (+ gf), Chee wai, and Yanqing. Had claypot rice together with chwee kueh and chee cheong fun there. Funny how sometimes we choose our food by looking for Yummy King/Green Book/Makan Sutra signs... Food was great and so was the company.

After dinner went shopping along the new shopping streets. Dun understand why girls are so attracted to little trinklets, esp those that you hang on phone/bag. How many can you hang on your hp? One? Two? For what purpose? Perhaps I shouldn't seek for understanding. Acceptance seems much easier.

Went to Yanqing's house at Telok Kurau after chinatown and sang karaoke a bit to end the day. Koped F.I.R from her. =)

How time flies without us realising it. It's been so many moons, and how little we've changed since then, except that kiam has a gf and yanqing seems much prettier....

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