Monday, August 02, 2004

Cooking and Garry's Party


I’m getting better at cooking, man.... Woke up early enough to do cooking. Same dishes, but level up. Content for now. 

Garry’s birthday later at Sentosa, 6pm. Gonna pack an Ang Bao for him in contribution to his voice recorder fund. Tot of buying a wireless router for our use in UBC and contribute to pay for his share as a pressie, but Eu say too expensive....haha.. I think so too. That is not an eCoNoMiCaLly viable option for us. Haha…

Sidetrack: Never did understand why birthdays are important to people. Yep, it’s the day when you are born into the world. But that’s all isn’t it? Or is there something more that I am missing out? Hmmm.....But since so many people are into this celebrate-my-birth culture, it’s often not nice to pop their balloons. Join the crowd, I will. =)
But death anniversary, that’s a different thing. That’s when people who miss you come together and think about you. To have someone miss you when you are gone, now that’s an accomplishment. Perhaps you have made a difference in their world, perhaps you still owe them money....whatever it is, you are remembered. Perhaps this reflects me as a person that likes to cry over spilt milk, but to that, I say, whateva.

There is something seriously wrong with my writing. The grammer sux, and the logic doesn’t flow right. This is not me. Perhaps being a phantom in USP reduced my writing ability, or perhaps I have never been good at it. =( Or perhaps it’s because of the lack of interaction with human due to the hols. Whatever it is, I better blog more to make more sense. Does that make any sense? Whateva.

Stupidiot = Stupid Idiot. Shortform to scold someone. Hoping this new term will take off in the future as the leading expletive, but that’s not really realistic rite? You can’t go about inventing a new expletive and hope that people will scold expletives like you want them to… Whateva.

PS:: True Colors is a nice album. Esp like the “One light year” song...PM

Slept the whole day, then went to Garry’s party. party party.Yay.

Garry got the best lobang for the chalet this time round... With the National Day offer, NTUC chalet, Sentosa cost 70+ for 3 nights! That’s like tan-dio lor... Anyway he had a nice swim in the pool after we dump him in with Gwen. He looked so happy in the pool like we’ve done him a great service by man-handling him and tossing him (much like salad) into the pool. Don’t understand humans.

Made Kelly eat non-vegetarian stuff. That tofu looked so innocent, who would have tot there're particles of squid in it? Even Garry dunno... Haiz. Lucky no allergic reactions or anything like that.

PS::Yingchuan is a super budgety fellow that would make a nice traveling companion. Kelly dun get jealous.

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