Sunday, August 22, 2004

Fun fact: Vancouver was first inhabited by the Salish people

Joel (our tour guide) picked us up in the morning and we had a fantastic time at Lake Louis. Wenzheng and me pia-ed all the way to the end of the trail leading to the Plains of the 6 glaciers, and saw Abbott pass from a great angle. Being the first time I went so high and saw vast stretches of glaciers, I realized my relative insignificance and ignorance in comparison to everything else out there. I need to see more things to put myself in perspective.

I have said this once and I will cut-and-paste it again. Wenzheng is a REALLY great guy. No wonder Eu and Garry missed him so much. Had a great time with him as a fellow tourist/hiker/roommate/++ in the Rockies. And if you are wenzheng, you still owe me CAD150 or SGD196.

The walk up was definitely great. And though the walk down was freezing cold, it was an experience I cannot forget. The vast mountain plains, the flowing rivers, the muddy delta at the bottom, the postcard X-shaped sceneries of the mountains in the river (google for Lake Louis photos or go rockiespic1.htm). And Wenzheng is a very fit walker. Had a hard time catching up with him, though he was wearing slippers (slippers in the cold mountain? He’s mad!) and I was wearing army boots. He’s good.

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