Saturday, August 14, 2004

First day in Vancouver

Safely arrived in Vancouver and has more or less moved into the apartment. The rent is CAD$950, and comes with 2 rooms, 1 bathroom and a kitchen. I am sharing the bigger room with Garry and Eugene is taking the smaller room himself. Because of that, Eu is paying 330 whilst me and Garry pay 310. Not really a fair deal but we all love Eu, so it’s ok.

Went to walk around to familiarize ourself with the surroundings, and had sweet curry for lunch. Also bought some juice and fruits for the fridge.

Evening time, Eu’ auntie and uncle brought us around town and shopped at England Drug for more grocery. We also looked at another apartment at Broadway, which seems a tad bit too near the road but which is extremely convenient because of its location. Along the way, we saw quite a few warehouse stores that sells things ranging from furniture to grocery. Superstore seems the place to buy all our grocery (cheap cheap!) and so we might be going there tomorrow. Had Chinese dinner. Yum yum. Eu’s uncle’s treat. Yay.

Tidied the house a bit at night. Eugene is such a clean freak that I am happy he’s with us in the apartment.

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