Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Corporate Affiliate Day at SoC

Went to school to get Dean’s List cert today. Super mistake like siao. Cos can’t remember the time and place, but tot it was around 945, so when woke up rush like superman into the booth and out of the house. Sms-ed Yingchuan for the exact time and place then found it to be at 1045 instead. Stupid stupid stupid. Sometimes my poor memory can just kill me. Anyway got to school early and settled my contact lens stuff. 375 degrees on both sides (reduced degree!) with slight astigmatism (15-33) does not allow for astig lenses so now I see still a bit blur blur. But they gave me 425 to compensate astig or whatever, so now I on 425. Bausch and Lomb Soflens half year supply at 65. Also bought lens solution at 18.50 for 2 pc pack, ReNu (no rub). But later saw the shop also sell OEM solution at 13 dollars, also no rub. Basket. Cunny Co-op Shop never tell me got cheaper stuff before I buy. Felt a bit cheated. Just a bit.

Is IT a pillar of Industry? (or something like that, can’t remember) I think quite obvious rite, otherwise I study computing for f***? Tot that was an obvious theme for the tea. But heck, it’s a leading question to all the talk we had by the IDA guy, OCBC lady, and NUS Venture guy. Good food at the end though. But lousy timing. Event starts at 11 but lunch at 2pm? Everyone’s stomach was growling (esp mine and Wong Liyan’s, cos I am self-centred. She sat to my left and I heard her stomach at least 2 times. She drank twice after growling. I pretend I never hear.=)

After Tea, went to Emart at Stagmont with Minq to check out the Gortex boots. Found my card got no money (when do they top up?) so cannot buy. But anyone want to buy and got no money can contact me for a small lobang. They sell at 109 a pair but can get at 80+ cos my ex-OC got spare money in his card that he want to get rid of. He’s at Stagmont, so guys take note.

Went to bio later at Lot 1. But no action there, so me and Minq were disappointed. Minq esp since he dun live in CCK and had to gimme a 25c ice-cream cone treat for his HP book prize. Btw, Minq will be going over to NTU for local SEP (5 modules there) so his CAP also freeze... Clever move to let him power up his UROP...

I am like sooooo covered for my UBC trip. NUS got school insurance with some worldwide coverage, UBC also got a 200 dollars insurance thingy that covers 1M for injuries and sickness, just got my AIG student travel insurance, and still got that NTUC insurance. I better get injured there man..... kidding.

PS:: I do still think of her. All the time.

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