Sunday, August 29, 2004

Fun fact - There are no more buffaloes jumping down in Head Smashed-in Buffalo Jump

Went to visit Head Smashed-in Buffalo Jump (google for it!) located near the town of Fort MacLeod. Err... not my cup of tea, but must admit that it would be interesting to those who are interested. Wanted to have a buffalo burger to complete the experience, but did not manage to squeeze in one for lunch. Had some other burger instead.

Went to Lethbridge after that to sightsee. Wanted to visit the cornfield maze at Robinpick Berry Farm and get ourselves silly-lost inside, but it was closed. Went to Helen Schuler Coulee Centre, a centre that leads to several small coulee trails, mainly a nature-touristy place. It turned out to be an uninteresting hike in an uninteresting park-grassland. Perhaps we went there too late (4+pm), but it wasn’t good. =(

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