Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Fun fact - Vancouver has skytrain and buses

There are cockroaches everywhere. Under the bed, under the table, in the toilet, on the walls, in the kitchen, on the carpet….everywhere. A rough score of 7 kills per day is a minimum count. Can we ask for cheaper rent because of this? We might need extra money to buy a chalkboard (and of course some chalks) to tabulate the numbers. Hmm…

Went to Richmond today. Took the bloody hot 98 B-line bus all the way down stuff to tour Richmond Centre. It was a bloody big shopping centre with lots of things except toilet.

And Eu is beside me again. Sometimes you really wonder if he got nothing else to do then to come beside me and ka chiao me. He’s poking me now. Poke poke. He’s showing me a scissors now. Lucky I go buy insurance. He’s gone now.

But I need to go also. Anyway nothing interesting happened today. It’s like a day around Taka. So there.

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