Thursday, August 19, 2004

Fun fact: BC should experience a big earthquake... soon?

Today went to Chinatown in the morning to recce and memorise the place. Have a super bad memory so must purposely do this. Found the place to buy cheap rice that Eu’s uncle was talking about, and it’s really quite cheap. Dunno whether they got discount card for buying more…. On the way back saw an old lady lying on the notorious strip near ChinaTown, with a police car and two policemen by the side. Some bystanders were at the side bystanding. Ambulance came and took her away. Looked around and contemplated about Life for a while before witnessing a drug transaction next to me. Absolutely shocking. Who is to be blamed for the imperfection of Life? I think we are, and we are not. There is so much we can do, so much we don’t do, and so much to be done. Soliciting, transactions, highs and lows, you can find them all on the streets here unlike in Singapore. Makes me treasure the order back home, yet makes me think that it is uncomparable, for the people in Singapore has exchanged freedom for order. I can see freedom of choice here, and the results though is unsettling at times, does give an edge for personal exploration at other times, which is unfound in Singapore. Oh yah, bought one big onion for 40 cents. Plus tax and convert to SGD is 47 cents. By aggaration.

Afternoon went to MetroTown to buy stuff from the one dollar shop. CAD$25.15 worth of them. Change to Sing is a lot more. Calculate calculate… si nang kia, why you so ngiao? But that’s me. =P. Also saw a chio bu, but that’s secondary.

Night had food and rice left for tomorrow’s breakfast of fry rice (pronounce fry rice both in 1st hanyu pinyin).

Siao liao siao liao. Just went outside with Eu to make a phone call and saw so many things in our neighbourhood. Saw one hooker soliciting near the junction of Victoria street and Hastings, and at the phone booth two blocks down the road, we were approached by a guy wanting to sell us a stereo system. He had a companion to whom he was not very satisfied with, judging from the way they exchanged expletives and hollers across a street.

This does not bode well. Don’t think it is safe to go out for supper by myself already. This sux.

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