Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Not celebrating National Day

Found myself slacking and watching TV too much. Didn’t know that healing an ulcer can take so long. After feeling bored and the guilt of not having started packing my bag caught up with me, I started packing. Fitted all me clothes into one luggage, and am totally amazed at how much progress I have made for the afternoon, compared to what I have thought should have been done and had not done in the morning (is there some grammer problem here?). Yay. After feeling a sense of accomplishment, I went to scan all my important documents to put in online repository.

Money woes. No money for bank draft yet. Lucky Kelly lent me 5K without much hesitation. Best friend, what can I say? Will return when my cheque arrives and clears. Respect.

Textbook problems. Must sell off some old textbooks before going off. Then transfer the rest to my sister to sell off. Cross-fingers that I can sell the GEK1510 notes off, although I strongly suspect it cannot be done as the lecturer changed. Hope for the best.

Jonathan: When a baby has spent a long time crying to himself, he should know that this does not get him anything.
Eu: I owe you 2k, but you owe me 33.6 for the text book.
Frank: You are the best.
Kelly: Dun get jealous.
Frank: Stop the stupid messages.

PS: Can import stationery to Canada or not?

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