Friday, August 06, 2004

Catching up

Went to meet up with my ex-OC and had a good chat with him at Venezia, Guthrie House on 5th Avenue. Excellent ice-cream, as usual. Talked about a lot of things concerning $$ and work and future...
Met up with 4B after that at City Hall. Some of us changed, and some didn’t (oxymoron statement here). Makan-ed at some ribs place at Marina (Tony Roma? Country Manna? Bananarama?), and went to play pool afterwards.

Playing pool with Chongming as partner, and Mingda and Thy as opposites was definite worth the $9.20 in entertainment value. Me and Chong won 2 sets because Mingda and Thy each own goaled once. Chong felt sympathetic to them for that and gave them back one win (why else would Chong pick up the white ball for placement to shoot the last black ball?). These are simply some of the highlights among the hits and misses (mostly super-cockup misses) of the game. If life was an anime, you would have seen us upside down with legs wavering in the air many times during that interesting 1 hr. Definitely worth the money. It’s the value of watching Shaolin Soccer compressed into 1 hour.

What have I done this holiday? Do I really lead a boring life? Let’s recount... I've......
Helped chee wee revise for NTU exams (April late mid)
Taun at Chee wee’s place + spend 1 week doing dunno what with him and joey++
Major Transition to Exercise (May Start – May Mid)
Went to Pfizer as a volunteer (May Mid – June Mid)
Helped tear down/paint a house (June Mid – June End)
Went Malaysia 3 times(April, June, August)
Went Thailand (July start)
Helped out at Matric fair (July end)
Read quite a bit of books
All the admin stuff for exchange program
One jigsaw puzzle myself, one jigsaw group
Come up with a website (quite lousy but still….)
Exercised quite a bit (nights, throughout)
Took IPPT 4 times
Bus-ed a bit around Singapore with Yusry

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