Sunday, August 01, 2004

Clearing cache...

For the last week++, I have been unable to publish my blogs due to some technical issues. Do not want to remember how I lost hours of blog due to computer problems, so don’t remind me. The expletives have gone out already and I don't expect anymore to fly from my mouth.

13 days left to fly off! How exciting yet worrying. This is the first time that I will be leaving home for so long and I might probably be homesick. Just might. Those who know me would know that I don’t really have much attachment to home, but this time round, I just might. Any normal human being should miss home if they leave home for 5 months. On the contrary, what I am afraid to find out is that I will NOT miss home. I seriously do not need the confirmation that I am not normal. I more or less know that, but to have that confirmed is something .... more.

Eugene + Frank + Garry = EFG

Kudos to Eu + Garry for all the trouble that they have taken to plan the trip in Alberta. I think, of the 3, I am the most bochup about the trip. Eu will prove himself right if he disappears in Alberta and leave me totally dunno-what’s-going-on in the middle of the Rockies. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. =)

Cooked dinner for the family tonight. Disastrous with a capital D. This shall not happen again, I hope. =(
Must polish up skill before going over to UBC. Else Garry and Eu will have to suffer....

Fish:: Did you know that frying fish must be done over a high flame? And one must not flip the fish unless the bottom side is cooked (else the skin falls off and all e meat below starts to snowball off. Disastrous avalanche that must must must be avoided if one does not want to appear amateurish. Like today. )
Wanton:: Meat to be marinated with vinegar, shao xing, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, sesame oil. Fry under medium heat until you see bubbles forming on the inner portion. The outer portion of the skin will chao tar very fast if under a high flame, but that does not mean that the meat is cooked...
Onion eggs:: Always tot that the onion is supposed to be mixed with the egg mixture and fried one time over. But noooo.... Mother knows best (and I must for ONCE agree with her) that you are suppose to stir fry the onion till soft first before adding in the eggs. Nifty trick that makes the onion soft and smell/taste delicious.
Vege soup: Phuah. This is sorta the easiest thing to cook! Just dump all the veges into water over a high flame, and add meat to sweeten the soup. Make sure vege soft then can already. But it doesn’t taste fantastic, so I suspect there’s a better way to make soup....

If I wake up early enough tomorrow (6am), will attempt to cook again. Mother cooks lunch at 6+am, so must intercept. Dun ask why. It just is. There are a lot of strange things in the world and this happens to be one of them. Paranormal to a certain degree, I will agree.

Must also remember to bring along that wonderful cleaning stick (the one where you refill it with a piece of static wipe, whaddya call it?) to UBC. Addicted to using it. Tons of fun.

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