Saturday, August 21, 2004

Fun fact: Vancouver is Canada's 3rd largest city

Just added google ads and stuff to my blog.

As this is a post-written blog (of more than the next 10 days), I can’t remember exactly approximately what just happened but but you may see me having some special powers to comment about what will happen the following next few days. All the stuff written here is based on a meticulously recorded record of expenses recorded over the next few days. Hmm. Damn bad English I know, but excellent Singlish I hope.

Woke up damn bloody early today and went to the airport to catch our early morning flight to Calgary. First time taking domestic flight and wasn’t checked for my passport. West Jet has some uber funny crew for the flight from Vancouver (YVR) to Calgary (CLG). Super hilarious execution in the normal mundane safety announcements and information about the emergency exits. You have to be there to see it. Too bad you weren’t there, so there. You might want to google on more information about the safety announcements about their detailed 10-step explanation on how to put on your seat belt, their demonstration on how to blow up the safety vest blah blah...

At the airport met Wenzheng for the first time. REALLY great guy. No wonder Eu and Garry missed him so much. Had a great time with him as a fellow tourist/hiker/roommate/++ in the Rockies. And if you are wenzheng, you still owe me CAD150 or SGD196.

You must say that Eu has an eye for bargain cos the Best Western Suite that he got for the group’s stay is simply fantabulous. Slightly higher than Hostelling International’s (google on their prices?) price, you get hotel services, personal kitchen (with stove, microwave and fridge) , 2 bedrooms (one with TV), a hall (complete with big TV, sofa bed and cable modem)… Dudes and dudettes, what more can you ask for?

Went to walk around uptown and downtown for the rest of the day and visited the interesting places around Calgary. Visited the Calgary tower but did not go up cos no money. But we did visit the Glenbow Museum where they have some interesting displays about the First Nations (dunno what’s that? Google it!) and the minerals in Alberta…

Tomorrow we are going for the True North Tour’s Rocky Express Tour (Want to know my whole itinery? Google it!) and it didn’t turn out to be as good as we want it to be because of the bloody cloudy and rainy weather. Oh yah. Next time do google for the weather before going for any outdoor activities. =(

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